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Apr 18

My intention for this site is to explore the intersection of Agile and Collaborative Communication (aka. Nonviolent Communication, NVC). The first item in the Agile Manifesto values “Individuals and Interactions over Processes and Tools.” Based on my personal and professional experience in software engineering and as a CNVC Certified NVC Trainer, I’ve noticed that the two are complimentary and mutually supportive. The Agile Manifesto lists some values and principles that lead to better software by meeting the needs of teams and business stakeholders. Collaborative Communication (NVC) helps to define a framework for shared understanding of our universal human needs that make it easier to discover win-win strategies. Taken together, NVC can help organizations to transform the culture, the way in which people interact to things get done, thereby becoming more agile. Learning NVC is a journey toward self-awareness through empathy, honest expression and collaborative strategy formulation.

Please check back in from time-to-time to explore this topic.

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